Blogging about dresses

I am way behind on understanding blogs. In fact, my dad read blogs and tried to explain them to me a few years ago, but my friend Norah shared with me Kelle Hampton's blog and I've been reading as much of hers as I can since (only three days ago). Her beautiful outlook on life and perfect priorities has moved me to tears and inspired me to realize I too have those small things in life to enjoy. I'm going to blog because I don't do baby books, and I too love to write, so maybe I'll be better about taking pictures so that I can write, and enjoy the small things in life. I spend way too much time worrying about how my house looks and waiting for everything to be perfect, and I'm starting to be better about that silliness, and the first step was putting Anna Cate in a dress not because we are going anywhere but because there is nothing more adorable than watching a little girl play in a dress. The red boots were her idea and I think that they look great!

And we played outside, colored and let Molly cat nap in the swing. This is really our last day together until summer since I go back to work next week so it was a special day I can thank Kelle Hampton for the motivation, my precious girls...and of course the dress.