A great day as a stay-at-home mom (really, a working mom on maternity leave)

So today I felt pure joy to spend the day with my girls. It started out as Anna Cate put a frozen Dannonino pop in my face this morning. Yesterday, we put a spoon in the yogurt and put it in the freezer...and voila -- we have a frozen treat and she ran to the freezer as she woke up before she even came into my room. A really sweet time happened as I folded Molly's laundry in the nursery. Anna Cate sat in Molly's rocking chair and rocked her baby sister as we sang nursery rhymes song from a cd. It doesn't seem like long ago that I sat in that chair and sang those songs with baby Anna Cate. Then, Anna Cate and I went to a Mommy and me Pitayo class. It made me wish I was really a stay-at-home mom and could do things like that more often, but so thankful for this time on maternity leave when I've gotten those special moments with Anna Cate as well as Molly. After eating outside and playing on the playground, it ended with bath time, and Anna Cate HELPED!