Nana's May Visit

Nana arrived on Monday and this has been a fabulous week so far. Anna Cate loves having her Nana around and I enjoy watching Mom and Molly "bond." It is fun to have both the Mollys together! We had a fabulous week. On Monday we picked Nana up from the airport, and came home to have the Susie King mission circle at my home. On Tuesday, the swing set was delivered and we began spring swim lessons. On Wednesday, we had the joy of getting AC's hair done (and tamed)....although I have to say I did hesitate a tad when I bought some hair product for her with the word "sexy" in it!

Thursday, Anna Cate went to her weekly sleepover with Patti as BJ and I got a date night while Molly bonded with Molly Mae. On Friday we treated ourselves to the delicacies of Eileen's. On Friday night, chef BJ treated us to a shrimp boil that was delicious!!

Saturday was the ballet recital. Anna Cate enjoyed getting wear some makeup, which makes me think she is a tad like me after all as I used to love to wear makeup, and we all enjoyed watching our ballerina. She had the largest cheering section with Baba, Patti, Norah, Leana and Luke, Megan, Alex and Isabel, and Mommy, Daddy, and Nana.

On Sunday we went to the National Zoo where BJ treated us to a picnic lunch before we dropped off Nana to go home to Daddy Doug!