Uncle Doug, Aunt Becki and Kitty

We loved meeting Kitty and seeing Uncle Doug and Aunt Becki on our trip to Centerville.
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We celebrated with family her infant baptism/christening:

Both Douglas and I were christened at this alter, and BJ and I were married in this church.  Douglas teaches a Sunday School class, is the lay leader here and sits the same pew I sat on growing up.  Knowing that makes me think and hope that I will share a special bond with their daughter, Kitty as her life and mine will have some similarities.

I share a bond with my Aunt Anne, and maybe this reason is part of it.  Now we share that our children are being raised in far flung places while our brother's children are going to be in Centerville.  I can only hope Kitty will appreciate the visiting with my girls the way I did visiting with my cousins, Catherine and Jim.

Speaking of Uncle Doug...... I'm so touched that he stopped by several times in the middle of the work day to visit with Anna Cate or hold Molly. He and Daddy are practicing law together and Douglas works a LOT, so I really appreciate the time he took to visit with Anna Cate. Here is a little clip of the way he plays with her. On our last day in Centerville, he dropped by Mom and Dad's and took Anna Cate home for a while.

Anyone who knows me well know just how important he is to me, and in many ways he is my best friend.  Douglas is a great brother and a fantastic uncle. Selfishly, one of the things I so love about him is that he seems to always have my best interest at heart, so watching a special relationship develop between him and Anna Cate and Molly gives me unspeakable comfort.  I can only hope that one day Uncle Doug and Aunt Becki will be one of the "go to" people for my children as they are for me.  I know there will come a time when BJ and my opinions or advice doesn't matter much, but maybe Anna Cate or Molly can look to their "cool" aunt and uncle for wisdom.
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And we couldn't leave their dog, Merc, out. As you can see Molly enjoyed the introduction:IMG_2208.jpg