A twist on words and a funny, not-so-ladylike story

BJ is out of town staying at the Ritz Carlton in Florida, where he drank bourbon with some buddies last night, and went on a 5 mile run today while I schlepped a nursing baby and a sweet talkative 4 year old to the dentist, Target, and gymnastics before we hit the door running to dinner, baths, etc.  He deserves a break and I'm happy for him, really.

Tonight, I texted my best friend Nicole, who with all the wisdom and grace of her sweet self tried to brace me for how hard 2 was, that two children was kicking my ass. With wit and cheer, when she could have said, "I told you so,"she said, yes 2 is hard and that she's sure I'm kicking ass!!

Well, I'm so affected by people's energy that I'm completely transformed with that twist on words.  (Sorry for those of you that are offended by the verbage; I don't even let Anna Cate say "butt" so I promise I don't use language like this often. I know it isn't very ladylike, but neither is what I'm about to tell you:)....

Background information:  Molly moves ALL. THE. TIME. Here is a little action of the laid back soul with the oh-so-active body
IMG_0334.jpgIMG_0342.jpg picture by batesking04



Even Miss Diana, who has watched many babies commented that Molly was the most active baby she has ever held.  Changing her diaper is not so fun, as she flails, flips, twists, jaunts and turns to do everything to keep herself from the supine position. So, tonight, as I'm trying to nurse her to sleep, I noticed the diaper I just changed was wet.

I thought, "I wonder if I can change her diaper as I'm still feeding her," so I get up, slowly put her on the changing table as she is still nursing, and I'm hunching over... voila -- I changed that diaper!  (Granted, it was not a stinky)  And I thought, maybe Nicole is right, I am kicking a$$!  So tonight I'm proclaiming that in life, it is the small things, the little victories or words of encouragement that can be momentous, propelling us to do the great things in life.... like nourish, entertain, and give care to my babies with a fun spirit.

I hope that these two girls can be for each other what my dear friends are for me: sources of encouragement, wit, wisdom, love and fun.  Thanks, Nicole, I love you!


PS.  The adorable pink outfit of Molly's in the above pictures are from one of my mom's best friends, Anita.  It makes me happy to see Molly Mae in pink frills in an outfit picked out by the dear Miss Anita.

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.
-- Robert Southey


AJ said…
Mason is the same way. Must be second born kinda thing. He is so active. Does not sit still for diaper changes. Many times we are trying to put a diaper on a baby who is crawling away. You should see how often I snap onsies on the kid. They are hanging for dear life on one snap. Loved the phrase you used "laid back soul with the oh-so-active body". It is so Mason as well. Again must be second born thing.
The Future Mrs. said…
She is onnnn the moveee!! Her little outfit is so cute!