Happy Valentine's Day

Anna Cate really loves me and while I know that bringing a child into this world just for the sake of their loving you is ridiculous, I have to say it is quite a perk.  I was reminded on Friday just how fleeting this 4 year old brand of love is.  

As soon as she woke up, before she opened her eyes on Friday morning, she said, "I'm so excited." Why, I asked, "Because I get to sleep with you tonight." BJ went out of town camping with friends.  Later that day, a cheery mother brought her daughter snacks and cupcakes on her 14th birthday and the young girl was absolutely mortified, shooing her mother out of the classroom, refused to eat the cupcake and rolled her eyes. What a difference 10 years make.

With BJ's absence, we enjoyed a girly play date, crafts, snacks and wine for the mommies. It was super small because I didn't want chaos when I had the girls alone, but it was such a nice mix of women and girls.  From dress up to laughter, crafts to words of wisdom from a mother with older girls over wine, the King girls had fun.

(Leana is clearly in deep thought about her craft)

Luke was the only boy so he resorted to the pink car for entertainment. I'm sure he'll learn to deal with plenty of pink on Valentine's Days in his future.

It was such an easy get together to host. I just asked friends to bring either a snack or a craft to share. Norah brought these two and they were adorable.  Like most everything she does so well, she made it look easy! Notice how the deep thought paid off in Leana's prideful glance at her Valentine's Day character.  

Tonight we worked on store bought Valentines.  I'm so proud that Anna Cate can write her friends' name with such ease.  I can only imagine how fun it will be at Miss Diana's to share the cards with each other.

This last week, I had another snow day so the girls and I made cookies. I got these ideas last year from Southern Living February 2010's issue.  I'm not a crafty/baker of a mother so when I do, I feel like it is a very big deal. I think Anna Cate does, too.

I let Molly taste test it before the glaze and sprinkles were put on. Butter and sugar are good for babies, right?!?

I find myself completely engrossed in the memory making business during times like this and I like it.  I'm reminded that all I've ever really needed in life are good times, good company and love.  These girls provide that for me....and so does their Daddy.  He really is the butter and flour and we are the glaze and the sprinkles, so to speak. He is practical and we aren't so much. We need it all and although I've joked about his going away the weekend before Valentine's Day, it gave use some good times....some time for the sprinkles.

I'm going to remember this in ten years when not only do I not excite them, I mortify them! I wonder if I will still be blogging? 

When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts.  ~Robert Brault

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Anonymous said…
Sarah, I always enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of you and your beautiful family! Your information about the 14-year-old girl compels me to finally break my blog-lurking silence.

I hope the girl’s mother will learn from what happened with her daughter. Just because I think I have a nice way to show love doesn’t mean that the recipient will interpret it that way. I have two wonderful teenagers. One of them would have felt loved by the cupcake idea; the other would have felt as though I didn’t know him at all and was trying to torture him. Instead of baking cupcakes next year, maybe that mother can read some books about relationships (just a few excellent ones are The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Losing Control and Liking It by Tim Sanford, and Adolescence Isn’t Terminal by Kevin Leman) and figure out how to show love in a way that her daughter will recognize. Okay...now I’ll step down from my soapbox.

Keep up the great chronicling!
Patti said…
I "liked" your photo on fb:)
"Some time for the sprinkles . . . " Love that, Bates! You're such a good Mama, I can tell. Your girls are so blessed to have you!
patsy said…
looks like you and your girls had a great valentine's day...and i can't even think about the teenage years! my girls love for me to come and eat lunch with them at school and know that i will go on every field trip because they want me there, so i know i better soak it all in now ;) and LOVE the quote at the end!
Whitney said…
You are such a good mother Sarah. Your have 2 lucky little girls to be blessed with such wonderful, caring, and intelligent parents. I love you and your beautiful family. You always say that you aren't good with the details but I beg to differ. The love you give to your girls is VERY detailed.

We made blueberry muffins on Sunday and decorated with Halloween decorations...not quite appropriate but Kate didn't care one bit.