Our new girl....Rosie

I used to be  a dog person, and then I wasn't so I wasn't all together excited about the nearing of the timeline marker from my promise, "When Molly is 2, we'll get a dog."   My girls' day-care-provider and my good friend, Diana, has dogs and I felt like maybe having a dog there during the day was enough, but every time we were around dogs, it became painfully clear how much these girls (and their Daddy) wanted a dog.  In the conversations about it, BJ said once to me in response to my telling him my plate was full and I could not handle one more {damn} thing that "I don't see how your plate is that full. I help out a lot."

That is true, he is amazing and the most motherly, wifely dad/husband ever, but I must have been born with a figurative salad plate because the plate I was given was full. It sort of reminds me of when I was ready for a second baby and BJ wasn't and I convinced him that if we wait until we are ready, that might never happen and I can't imagine life without a second child. I felt our family was incomplete, and with Molly's birth we became a family. In the same vein, BJ kept telling me he didn't imagine raising a family without a dog; I said I didn't imagine raising kids in a home with TV or working outside the home!  You get the point --- a  lot of yah-yahing back and forth. I digress: point is my family was ready for a dog; I was NOT!!!

Last week, we went to the SPCA (free entertainment on a Saturday morning), and my eyes locked with hers.  BJ and the girls walked on and she just kept looking at me, wagging her tail. I even squatted down and looked in her eyes and asked her if she would destroy my house, and I think she said no.

I led them back to her crate, then we played in a room  and then filled out an application.  I kept thinking "this girl is perfect for us; I don't want any other dog but HER!"

Long story made short: we have a dog and I love her just as much as the rest of them (although I want to keep this pleasure to myelf so I can "milk" this as much as I can -- you know the "salad plate full" working-mom arguement). Tuesday, we found out our application was accepted on Valentine's Day so Anna Cate changed her name from Trinity to Rosebud Rosalina, rose themed for Valentine's Day.

Ladies, gentlemen and posterity, I introduce "Rosie" on her adoption day as we welcome her to our home.

Yes, we met our match.

Waiting on the paper work gave us the chance to revisit the "visit room" and remind us of how why we chose her.

She got her microchip, we made an appointment for getting her spayed (If you need any convincing about the moral and economic reasons to go through the SPCA, ask me. I'm a fan!)

We walked her out to her new life.

Her new life, and ours.

She is good to all of us; Molly and she like kissing each other. Anna Cate and Rosie play. BJ loves her presence. I can tell she is my girl because I don't think pictures do her cuteness justice.

Today, I'm a dog person again.  I've got a little tear in my eye thinking about Daisy and Duke, dogs of my childhood, and how much I loved them, how they were a part of my family. Rosie has reminded me of why I want the same for my girls.  Funny how life works out.  Well, not really funny as much as sweet and special and grand. Prolific.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.  -- Roger Caras


Jane said…
I love this!
Whitney said…
Welcome Rosie! Kate and I cannot wait to meet you in a few weeks. Every house is more complete with a dog. It is so special to think that AC and Molly will reflect back to their childhood with Rosie as you do with Duke and Daisy!

We keep saying we are going to take a 5 year break after ours are gone but I know we won't last that long. We keep praying Brooks and Cooper will hold on for another summer!

Love to you and the family.