Pop-Ups of Love

Mothers are instinctive philosophers.  - Harriet Beecher Stowe 

On the eve before this holiday devoted to the saint of love, I can't help but reflect on the love I'm experiencing as a result of being a mother. So many vignettes of pure joy are wrapped up in my bond with these girls, each uniquely crafted as my spirit connects with hers in the ways we relate, the ways I try to teach, and more often the ways I'm learning to be more human, to love more purely.

I find myself fascinated by these relationships with Anna Cate and Molly in their newness to me, but am also comfoted to be connected to humanity by this primodial experience of motherhood.  I know I'm but a spec of humanity experiencing this maternal adoration for the zillionith time, yet I'm excited with its freshness to me in the form of my dear girl's spirits, their faces, their souls.

Anna Cate is a people pleaser and finds such satisfaction in pleasing me whether it be cleaning up after dinner, impeccably organzing the play room from top to bottom or a Saturday morning snuggle. Molly is not exactly externally motivated, but experiencing her love is as satisfying. Our quality time is in the evening is when I "rock" her, which isn't really rocking at all as she is not the cuddler her sistser is, but rather our visit in the rocking chair.  She calls it rocking, but it is really singing, giggling and reading. Last night, she gave me a "good hug," and as we held each other arms-in-arms, we swayed face-to face and she grunted and giggled in a toddler rhythmic symphony of sweet sounds. After a deep breath of release, she said ahhhmen.  Amen, indeed my sweet girl.

This bedtime routine inspires me in more ways than one. Thankfully, all four of us enjoy our story time.  Yesterday, our friend Marian shared this fabulous pop-up book, Brava Strega Nona, which tells of the secrets of a Grandma who knew all about people, healing them, helping them. 

Her secrets:
 Family, A magical life begins with Family.

Eating together brings joy.

Remember your friends and they will remember you.

(This is a picture of Anna Cate with Marian, whom she calls Mum Mum.  As we began reading the book last night, she said, "is this story about Mum Mum?" I said, it sounds like it could be and was touched by her emotional perception about the goodness in the character in the story and in her life.)

Patience is not always easy.

(Molly is in the "I do it" phase. Everything from putting on her diaper, fastening her car seat, putting on her shoes and reading her own books.  It takes patience.)

The most important celebration is life itself.

The ingredient segreto- secret ingredient. Always share your love and it bring you a magical life.

Just as this intricately crafted pop up book awes the reader of this sweet story about a woman who knew the secret to life, times with family and friends pop out at me with exquisite reminders of beauty, grace and love.  My children's precious spirits and our family's moments of glory even in the routine give me much to celebrate on the feast of Saint Valentine. 

"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." -Alexander Smith


Whitney said…
Happy Valentines to you all! I love reading about the joy of parenthood through your eyes. Amazing!