Spring Flowers

Perennials. These come up every year, on their own. 

These pansies require yearly planting. Annuals.

With Spring, we've enjoyed the simple pleasures of the season.

Being outside together.

Molly ADORES swinging and could probably spend hours in her swing.

Seeing my children happy are a little like the flowers. Sometimes, it just happens. Sometimes we have to do the work routinely.

 Rosie brings them so. much. joy.  

Both of them are Daddy's girls.

These flowers were in our church vestibule last week in honor of their birthdays this month.

Given by Patti.

We enjoyed a date out to Carl's Friday night with soon-to-be Aunt Sarah.

We took Rosie with us, my first effort of taking all three girls out!

But the ice cream and the fellowship was worth the hassle.

Anna Cate's best friend slept over after an afternoon of tie-dying.

A few of my students came over who knew what they were doing, and Anna Cate thought it was very cool to have teenagers in the home. Not sure I can show their face on my blog but I'll show the hands.

I haven't been able to focus my creative juices or my time to blogging because I've got birthday parties on the brain (and the girls are in a wedding in April), but I've enjoyed documenting the moments through Instagram. Here are some glimpses of our days.

I find so many connections to my life in nature and when I think on flowers, I can think about some parts of mothering are like perennials.  My roots are so deep that the flowers just come up naturally, but other experiences I have to work on,  like planting yearly. . . so much delight in it all. Through the gratitude of my heart, the snap of a camera or the time I stop to reflect on these times in this blog, I find myself wanting to be present in their life, in this season. So much beauty in the season.... of spring and of their childhood. 

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Anonymous said…
Another beautiful insight into motherhood! I cherish reading your blogs!!!