You are Youer than You

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Molly Mae shares a birthday with Dr. Suess so she came into this world on READ TO AMERICA Day, and we celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Dr. Seuss party. She was thing 3.
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Molly's personality has developed this past year and she is certainly a thing unto herself and when I think about Seuss and all the hidden messages and silly tales and crazy characters, it fits her... and us. 
We had a lot of fun with the theme.
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My incredibly talented friend shared her baking and creative talents.
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Think and wonder. Wonder and Think. ~Dr. Suess
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Nana mastered the green eggs.

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And I bought my first ham. I'm almost 37 and I've never purchased a ham, but Green Eggs and HAM were a must.
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We found a CAT IN THE HAT bouncy house.
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This seemed much more important to Molly than the books or decor. 
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I had envisioned a quiet circle around Marian for kids to hear her read Seuss books.
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Anna Cate was interested for a few minutes but I think my mom was the person who listened the longest. 
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The guests did crafts for a keepsake of Dr. Suess's quotes. Treat yourself to read these words. 
Dr. Seuss quotes

 So much soul in what life is about in his work. Sort of like a party: family, friends, and celebrating. 
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Molly seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends.
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And some sugar.
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Molly is not an easy egg to crack. I still don't totally understand what makes her tick, but she brings me joy, love and laughter daily.   I love so much about her and it's only been three years and I look forward to the journey. 
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As I look at these pictures, I find myself in awe of the relationships she has already crafted.
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I look at how she and her buddy Owen look at each other. 
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Or how much Jackson loves her. 
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I think about the way she wants to know what Luke is doing or the way she copies what Anna Cate does.  

Goodness know, she is genuine because she doesn't do anything for show.  In three short years, she has loved and been loved so fully. She understands the Seuss directive to "be who you are say what feel."  As frustrating as it is, I guess it is admirable how she doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks, that she has the strangest way to cuddle -- she rubs my neck. While she yells "I WAS GOING TO DO THAT" like she hates me when I open a door for her, she also tells us "I love you" in the sweetest manner.  She is her own little precious person, and I simply can not believe there are three years that separate me from the day we held her newborn self. I love you to the moon and back Molly Mae... you will always be my baby, right?!?! 
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"Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than You."
 ~ Dr. Seuss

Molly and Anna Cate's outfit fromt his ETSY store.
Cake and pops from Chas at Mommy Bakes