To Sleep Perchance to Dream

It is no wonder to me that I chose to beg BJ 4 years ago for us to have another child, because a 3 year old is quite delightful.  I have hinted around on this blog and shared my deepest fear with a few close friends that I favored Anna Cate over Molly because I found Molly's behavior so difficult and I worried that her personality was as well. 
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But it turns out, Molly is not a socio-path -- she was sleep deprived. 

At her three year check up when our fabulous pediatrician asked me if I had any concerns, I had a list of issues I thought were unrelated. I was concerned about her moral development, her difficult behavior and the fact that when she naps during the day that she will get out of bed every few minutes up until way too late (which caused a miserable morning for her). So, the doctor suggested 1 mg of melatonin and chamomile tea, 
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and oh-my-goodness it has changed our life as well as her demeanor.
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She's still her own little self, a little independent and self-sufficient, but the sweetness and fun-loving spirit has blossomed, outshining it all.  
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So in love and so thankful for realizing she just needed sleep.
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Molly is precious personified and she mixes cuddling and cutting humor with charm.  
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And while I'm comforted by the constant kindness and thoughtfulness of Anna Cate, I'm so happy to be enjoying Molly in a new light of rest.  She comes into our room in the morning in the best mood making the me think the best part of my day is right now... Maybe the best of life is right now.
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 To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep.
~Joan Klempner