Family Weekend

We wrapped up in the school year and have welcomed summer.

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But we unofficially ushered in the season of leisure with Memorial Day weekend and a visit from Nana. Since my father can't eat seafood, we enjoy a trip to the water to eat crabs and shrimp. It was also Greg's birthday in May so we used it as an excuse to celebrate him as well.

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We finally got to take Nana to Pinkadilly, which is perfect place for her since she likes pink and fancy china almost as she does spending an afternoon with Anna Cate and Molly.

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We look out on the season of the sun with great anticipation of the time together to make memories in the sun, yet I find myself not looking forward as much as appreciating the sun and light in the moment. I thought I loved the ages 5 and 1, and to be honest, of course I'm a little sad my girls are growing up but I'm enjoying 7 and 3 as well. Anna Cate is most helpful and Molly is excitable and tender hearted, things I didn't know about them mere months ago. So like the picture below, I enjoy the view as I look with wonder for what lay ahead.
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There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.  ~Celia Thaxter