Recap of Christmas

We spent the  Christmas season oscillating between going through the motions and stopping to enjoy the moments with family and friends.  Well, BJ and I probably spent some time going through the motions; the girls just enjoyed the moments like children do, in the moment, sucking the marrow of life.

We enjoyed extra time with Nana, which included making a ginger bread house together.
 Both parents and kids enjoyed the shenanigans from our little elf on the shelf or in a martini glass, Maggie.

 Anna Cate and I enjoyed our annual viewing of the Nutcracker and Molly joined us, and was quite mesmerized. It was so special to share it with Molly. Last year, I had quite a revelation at the nutcracker, about raising two different girls. So it was not a given to me that Molly would enjoy it the way Anna Cate does, but she did.
 We spent an evening with Patti and her family and Greg and Sarah at a Japanese steak house, which was a traditional holiday meal for BJ's mother.
 The girls enjoyed getting out their holiday pi's. . . .
 and reading familiar Christmas tales.
 I used my friend Mary Ann's recipe to make rum cakes for friends.
Like Molly at the nutcracker, it is always a nice surprise when the cakes turn out like I want, meaning the cake doesn't stick to the pan.
I enjoyed spying on this moment where BJ told Molly about his mom, whose presence we miss a little more acutely for holidays.
We took the time to decorate our home even though we always know we will spend Christmas in Tennessee.
We celebrate as a family by sharing gifts with each other. Anna Cate's big gift from us was a guitar and Molly's was a dress up kit.

Then we took the long but oh-so-worth it trip to my hometown, which I believe in many ways is sort of like home for BJ and the girls. Here's some images of that times.

Christmas 2013 from Sarah King on Vimeo.