A Girl Just Wants to Have Fun

Our little girl is 8 and this year she really wanted a big birthday party. I tried to talk her into an experience, something small with just her best friend and family but she really wanted a party. As she and I planned together, I could tell the most important thing to her was a good time for as many friends as she could get to come. She invited all the kids in her class, the girl she sits next to on the bus, her church friends and her Girl Scout troop. I was both embarrassed and amused at how many kids she wanted to invite.  I said, "let's do a charity rather than gifts" and she immediately piped up, "what about clean water for Africa?" She wanted dancing and so our brains together came up with neon colors and an 80s dance party!

I got glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia, some 80s decorations, and we had some great music and lights thanks to our friend David and a beautiful cake set up from my dear friend Chas at Mommy Bakes.

My parents came. . . my Dad wore a tux.

 As we were cleaning up, BJ said, "if you didn't have fun tonight, it was your own fault." So our little girl got her wish, and we raised money for Watering Malawi, enough to buy a treadle pump to water a garden.

We are so grateful for Anna Cate and her desire to have fun in life and share her sweet spirit with her friends and her generosity with children on the other side of the world. Here are a lot of pictures from our 80s party. I think the style is coming back because these kids sure had access to a lot of authentic looking 1984 style!  I compiled the pictures of Anna Cate's friends of all ages who helped us celebrate, making the evening and her birthday wishes such a success.