4 and a half

This sweet, crazy, witty, precious little soul is now 4 and 1/2.....
IMG_0281.jpg picture by batesking04
She is learning to tie her own shoes...
and wash her face with Mommy (on the nights I have the motivation to take care of my skin)...
and practice her sass...

So we went to her favorite joint to celebrate!!!
Molly's treat was water from Daddy's straw.
And maybe she said, "uhmmm waitress!"

"My sissy needs a Sundae" 


with a cherry on top...IMG_0314.jpgIMG_0317.jpgIMG_0318.jpg

Ahhhh...what a treat!  This is the good life, Anna Cate, and I'm so glad I'm sharing it with you.  You are more precious and delightful than I could have ever imagined.

Tonight Anna Cate walked in and was so proud to give the costumed Red Robin a high five, when a few months ago she would have been afraid.  I was proud that she looked the waiter in the eye to tell him it was her half birthday, that she said thank you to the waitress, engaged her in conversation and on the way home from Target, she thanked us 3 times for her new Hello Kitty rain boots.   Lately, I've been thinking about how I just have this one life and Anna Cate, you have this one life, and I want to make sure I carve out enough of my heart in yours so you know how loved you are, in addition to all the other important stuff to teach you like the manners, kindness, presence and confidence.  I heard once"you want to raise kids so that others love them as much as you do!" So while this precious little soul who changed my world forever 4 and half years ago is more beautiful and wonderful than I could have ever imagined, she is also more work. Yet, tonight with the manners, the confidence and sharing a Sundae with her telling me she is a Mommy's girl, I know it really is worth it, because this is the life and love I'm so happy to share. 

I learned about the half-birthday lovin' from my mom, so tonight I'm thinking of how much I love Anna Cate and how grateful I am to her Nana for helping me know ways to show her.

 ‎"Where did I come from?" the baby asked it's mother. She answered, half-crying,, half-laughing, and clasping the baby to her breast. "You were hidden in my heart as its desire, my darling. You were in the dolls of all my childhood games. In all my hopes and my loves, in my life, in the life of my mother, and in her mother before her, you have lived. - Tagore

And not to be forgotten...Molly is standing up for me as I learn the new camera.
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AJ said…
I remind Aidan to say "thank you" and "please" every day all day. I can't wait for the moment to come where I can sit back and watch him communicate with others and to hear the "thank you" and "please" without my reminder. Happy half Bday AC!
Heidi said…
aw, happy bday!!!

what a sweet little girl.
the quote is beautiful too!!!
patsy said…
hey sarah--thanks for your sweet comment. we live just outside of murfreesboro, tn. your girls are beautiful! my girls love to go to red robin also!
Whitney said…
Love the picture of AC washing her face...Kate does the same thing but I have never thought to take a picture! Love you!