Crafting Connections

(I was honored with the invitation to write a piece about the happenings of our children in our church, in particular about a quilt made for children in Malawi, for our newsletter.  So I'm also adding it here. Let me be the first to admit that there is much about Christianity and what is going on in many churches across our country to struggle with, but there is absolutely no doubt that the relationships and ideas my children are getting in our dear church are fruits of the Spirit to whom I cling.   One thing  I know for sure about the parent I want to be is one who makes sure my children know who they are, where they came from, and where they should be on Sunday morning...and Sunday night, and Wednesday evening since I married and became a Baptist but that is for another discussion. I love our church dearly and the people who are creating connections for Anna Cate and Molly.)

Getting the opportunity to spend quality time in worship with Larry as he crafts a way to make worship and Christian ideas available enables our children to  feel a part of the service and connected.  Last Sunday during this special time, Erin and the children showed off the quilt they have been making on Sunday nights to send to the children of Malawi. 
 On six Sunday evenings this winter, children of our church have learned about the depravity of water in this country and the necessity for water.  While our children may not be able to grasp the appalling conditions in Malawi, they learned about it in the context of their daily usage of water.  In this way, they could feel connected to their fellow humans in Malawi and the efforts to help the situation. 

During the Sunday morning service, several youth of our church were honored in their upcoming trip to Malawi this summer and the deacon's prayer mentioned the plight of Malawians and our efforts to help. We can all feel connected in this awareness. 
As the children and Larry have been using water and clay to create a beautiful pot to hold water, the way our church prepares our children to be vessels of living water fosters relationships for them with God and His children, both in our church family and on the other side of ocean in a third world African country.