Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It is fitting that Memorial Day kicks of summer, some of the best times for families to enjoy their lives, and well, our freedom and security we owe to those we remember. So trite to say it really is the beginning of SUMMER.... but so very true.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The end of my maternity leave is Wednesday

Just typing those words hurts like you wouldn't believe, but I'm going to focus on my memories of these precious three months with the addition to our family, and that I'm very thankful to have my job. I LOVE my job, I love where I teach (5 minutes from our house), I love who I teach (8th graders), I love what I teach (Ancient History), and I love who I teach with (fellow teachers and great principals).

Before kids and marriage, we have this vision of what our life will look like and to be honest, I didn't see myself working and having children, probably because my mom didn't do it. I was soo soo lucky to get to stay home with Anna Cate for 2 and a half years and be the stay-at-mom, but in going back to work, I found that we were all happier as a family. It gave us a routine that I wasn't very good at creating at home; the extra income relieved BJ's stress and that was valuable, plus he is super helpful around the house (he does most of the cooking, for example), so it makes sense for me to work, too, right?; and Anna Cate loved the atmosphere and lessons and fun she gets at Miss Diana's (where Molly will go in August). Molly will be having a personal babysitter here for the week and half in June. Miss Diana does all those things good stay at home moms do. She does crafts, and she teaches manners, and she makes sure they get their naps, and she tells her she loves her, and she teaches her to be strong and witty and cute and tough and kind and a good sport. So really, Anna Cate is getting a good deal...just spending part of her day in another home than ours, but SHE is still in a home. And next year Molly and Anna Cate will be together, which makes me happy because really I think your siblings have as much impact on your childhood as your parents.

So what I'm trying to say is that although, I'm not the stay-at-home mom I always thought I would be, it is OK. I don't mean ok, like it is "fine" in the suck it up and be polite way, but OK like it is a good thing. This is who I am as a mom, and I am happy, my daughter is happy, my husband is happy, so I am telling myself that Molly too will be happy even if her mommy isn't home with her. But it still hurts to leave her, so on Wednesday morning when I leave my little girl for 8 hours, which will be the longest time I've ever been away from her since she started as a speck in my womb a year ago, I will be praying for God's strength and His grace wrapped up as the gift of acceptance.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging about dresses

I am way behind on understanding blogs. In fact, my dad read blogs and tried to explain them to me a few years ago, but my friend Norah shared with me Kelle Hampton's blog and I've been reading as much of hers as I can since (only three days ago). Her beautiful outlook on life and perfect priorities has moved me to tears and inspired me to realize I too have those small things in life to enjoy. I'm going to blog because I don't do baby books, and I too love to write, so maybe I'll be better about taking pictures so that I can write, and enjoy the small things in life. I spend way too much time worrying about how my house looks and waiting for everything to be perfect, and I'm starting to be better about that silliness, and the first step was putting Anna Cate in a dress not because we are going anywhere but because there is nothing more adorable than watching a little girl play in a dress. The red boots were her idea and I think that they look great!

And we played outside, colored and let Molly cat nap in the swing. This is really our last day together until summer since I go back to work next week so it was a special day I can thank Kelle Hampton for the motivation, my precious girls...and of course the dress.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Molly to laugh

She only laughs for Daddy!! She sees Mommy and starts to lick her lips.

A great day as a stay-at-home mom (really, a working mom on maternity leave)

So today I felt pure joy to spend the day with my girls. It started out as Anna Cate put a frozen Dannonino pop in my face this morning. Yesterday, we put a spoon in the yogurt and put it in the freezer...and voila -- we have a frozen treat and she ran to the freezer as she woke up before she even came into my room. A really sweet time happened as I folded Molly's laundry in the nursery. Anna Cate sat in Molly's rocking chair and rocked her baby sister as we sang nursery rhymes song from a cd. It doesn't seem like long ago that I sat in that chair and sang those songs with baby Anna Cate. Then, Anna Cate and I went to a Mommy and me Pitayo class. It made me wish I was really a stay-at-home mom and could do things like that more often, but so thankful for this time on maternity leave when I've gotten those special moments with Anna Cate as well as Molly. After eating outside and playing on the playground, it ended with bath time, and Anna Cate HELPED!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nana's May Visit

Nana arrived on Monday and this has been a fabulous week so far. Anna Cate loves having her Nana around and I enjoy watching Mom and Molly "bond." It is fun to have both the Mollys together! We had a fabulous week. On Monday we picked Nana up from the airport, and came home to have the Susie King mission circle at my home. On Tuesday, the swing set was delivered and we began spring swim lessons. On Wednesday, we had the joy of getting AC's hair done (and tamed)....although I have to say I did hesitate a tad when I bought some hair product for her with the word "sexy" in it!

Thursday, Anna Cate went to her weekly sleepover with Patti as BJ and I got a date night while Molly bonded with Molly Mae. On Friday we treated ourselves to the delicacies of Eileen's. On Friday night, chef BJ treated us to a shrimp boil that was delicious!!

Saturday was the ballet recital. Anna Cate enjoyed getting wear some makeup, which makes me think she is a tad like me after all as I used to love to wear makeup, and we all enjoyed watching our ballerina. She had the largest cheering section with Baba, Patti, Norah, Leana and Luke, Megan, Alex and Isabel, and Mommy, Daddy, and Nana.

On Sunday we went to the National Zoo where BJ treated us to a picnic lunch before we dropped off Nana to go home to Daddy Doug!